Your donation for land for Auroville

Specify “Funding Auroville – Land”

by credit card or bank transfer and mail us at

Auroville’s Online credit card payment gateway

Donation can be made through the following secured payment gateway:

For donations requiring tax exemption please route your online transfer through AVI USA, AVI UK or or email us at

Direct Bank Transfer from any bank to Auroville or Cheque

If you wish to make a donation via Bank Transfer, or by Cheque, you will find all the necessary information on the payment gateway under the heading Bank Transfer/cheque/draft etc.

As the bank will not share your personal information kindly email us your name and the amount donated at: so that we can track your donation.

Tax exemption information

Donors requiring a tax exemption receipt will find all the necessary information on the payment gateway: under the heading Tax exemption. If you chose to make your donation via one of the Auroville International centre do not forget to specify: “Funding Auroville – Land”.